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If you are looking for sumo suit hire in West Sussex then you have come to the right place.  The domain name kind of gives it away doesn’t it!  We have lot of suits mats and hats to hire for you party, gathering or mass fight in the garden.  A standard hire is two huge sumo suits, one large 3 metre by 3 metre mat and two sumo hair style hats.  These suits are always well used at parties and make a great centre piece; they also make for great photo opportunities!

We have hired these out for pretty much every type of event over the years including several weddings!  Sumo suits are great for a variety of venues as they do not need power meaning they are perfect for a party in the middle of a field.

When you play the game simply haul the sumo suit over your head and secure your incredibly flattering helmet on your head and stand on the edge of the circle on the mat, bend your knees, rock from side to side, face your opponent….and FIGHT!

We lent our suits to the Heart breakfast show. Tom and nicola did various tasks in our suits over the course of a week with hilarious results! You can see more here:

Heart breakfast - adventures in a sumo suit pt1 - in the bed store

Heart breakfast - adventures in a sumo suit pt2 - car shopping

Heart breakfast - adventures in a sumo suit pt3 - twister!

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