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Fat suits in Littlehampton!

Do you need to hire sumo suits in Littlehampton, Wick or Rustington?  Call us, we hire them out!

If you are wondering about the picture above it is a screenshot of Tom from the Heart Breakfast show as he goes to enquire about used cars! Links to the videos are on the about us page. They are worth taking a look at!

On the day of your event we will deliver the suits and set up the mats for you.   You need to ensure you have a nice big area on the grass to set the sumo ring or dohyo as it know in Japan.  We supply everything you need to run a sumo competition in the garden you just supply the competitors!

When you are ready to play get the first two competitors into their suits, strap on their hats and ask them to stand at the edge of the ring.  Face each other and bow, then squat down and stomp your left then right, one, two, three and then fight!  The first person to pin the other player to the floor is the winner!  We usually recommend best of three bouts to determine the winner.

For more details give us a call on 07397 941019

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